PGIA webmail and G-Mail

We are happy to inform you that we have migrated PGIA WebMail to G Mail account. You can access your PGIA Mail account in G Mail interface from 25-02-2020. It will work totally as a G Mail account with the support of the PGIA domain and you can use the existing email address with this new interface. (Ex.

To access old WebMail(Views only) click here

Please note that the previous emails prior to 25-02-2020 can not be forwarded or responded and having the only option of copying emails and downloading attachments.

To Access new PGIA G Mail go to G Mail and log in to PGIA account with credentials.

Sign in to Gmail New Account


When You access your account for the first time in G Mail interface, you will be asked to provide a Password. Give "pgia1234" as a temporary password. After theat you will be asked with a new password. it will be saved as your account password.