No. Name Reg.No. Title of the Research Email Supervisor
1 Mr.Dalapathadu K.A.P. PGIA-2012-152 Variation of health related physicochemical properties of different grades of made tea and in instant tea manufactured from broken mixed fanning grades from different tea growing regions of Sri Lanka Prof.N.A.A.S.P.Nissanka
Prof.Chamila Jayasinghe

3 Ms.Piratheepan S. PGIA-2012-83 Prevalence and economic impact of contagious pustular dermatitis and molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of contagious pustular dermatitis virus among goats in Sri Lanka. Prof.E.R.K. Perera

4 Ms.Priyadarshani P.L.S. PGIA-2012-2 Determination of Suitable Species Combination,Species ratio and Stocking size of Exotic Carp Species for Seasonal Tanks Located in Hambantota District

5 Ms.Francilen C.V. PGIA-2012-239 Diversity of holothurians (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) in north- east coastal areas of Sri Lanka and determination of growth parameters of abundant species Prof.U.G.De A. Edirisinghe
Prof.S. Kuganathan

9 Ms.Ranasinghe C. PGIA-2012-419 Rhizobacteria induced systemic resistance in Carica papaya L. Var. Red Lady for management of Papaya Ringspot virus disease in Sri Lanka Prof.D.M. De Costa

10 Ms.Menike G.D.N. PGIA-2012-103 Molecular variations of viruses infecting chilli (capsicum annum L.) and tomato (Solanam lycopersicum L.) and insect vectors involved with virus transmission in different agroecological zones of Sri Lanka Prof.K.S. Hemachandra

11 Ms.Jayaweera J.K.P.T.P. PGIA-2012-246 Genomic and Proteomic approaches of identifying dehydration stress responsive genes from selected rice varieties in Sri Lanka
Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath

12 Mr.Priyantha W.S. PGIA-2012-64 Identification of better parents via combining ability to develop heterotic rice hybrid (Oryza sativa L.) Prof.V.A. Sumanasinghe

13 Ms.Ravipan S. PGIA-2012-384 Income inequality and economic growth of Thailand Prof.C. Bogahawatte

15 Ms.Kumari G.G.K.P.S. PGIA-2012-258 Aerated soaking in cold soaking of paddy and testing of a bio-tower for treating low strength effluent Prof.D.A.N. Dharmasena

16 Mr.Prabhaharan M. PGIA-2012-136 Post harvest processing of paddy grain to obtain quality parboiled rice to meet high consumer demand,jaffna Sri lanka

17 Ms.Fawmiya M.S.S. PGIA-2012-198 Evaluation of the theraputic and nutritional potential of Dry Leaves of Moringa oleifera with special reference to its usage in the management of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in adolescents (13-19 years) Prof.(Ms.) B.E.P. Mendis

18 Ms.Hettiarachchi H.A.P.W. PGIA-2012-45 Analysis of the rice grain quality characters of selected rice germplasm in Sri Lanka Dr.B.D.R. Prasantha
Dr.(Ms.) D.V. Jayathilake

19 Ms.Kumari K.D.D. PGIA-2012-21 Bioactivities of millet grain phenolic compounds their bioaccessibility and bioavailability as affected by different food processing and preparation methods Dr.G.A.P. Chandrasekara.
Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith

20 Ms.Subajiny V. PGIA-2012-170 Enzymatic Interesterification of Sesame and coconut oils to produce nutritionally superior oils and evaluation of their oxidative stability Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith

21 Mr.Mallawaarachchi J.P.N. PGIA-2012-276 Role of Development Communication in strength ening good Governance and public

22 Ms.Wijethilaka L.D.I.De.S. PGIA-2012-20 Dairy value chain analysis in the Uva province of Sri Lanka Dr.Saliya De Silva
Prof.R.M.C. Deshapriya

23 Ms.Chandrasiri R.P.S.P. PGIA-2012-297 Assessment of water management on Sustainability of paddy cultivation under variable rainfall in Bayawa, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Dr.L.W. Galagedara

25 Ms.Dissanayake D.M.P.D. PGIA-2012-222 Nitrous oxide (N2O) emission form six rice varieties as governed by soil microbial communicaties,rhizosphere characteristice and agronomic practices Prof.(Ms.) R.M.Chandi.P.Rajapakse

26 Ms.Thilakarathna E.M.S.K. PGIA-2012-359 Spatial inventory of soil quality in vegetable and paddy lands through proximal soil sensing Prof.W.A.U. Vitharana
Prof.Ann Verdoodt

27 Ms.Thusyanthi S. PGIA-2012-15 Impact of rainfall variability on soil organic matter and nitrogen in Lowland Paddy Field: A Case study in Bayawa minor irrigation system Prof.M.I.M.Mowjood
Dr.L.W. Galagedara

29 Ms.Wijayawardhana H.C.D. PGIA-2012-318 Evaluation of cadmium response and the immobilization of cadmium by the use of organic amendments in rice Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath
Prof.P.A Weerasinghe

30 Mr.Weerasooriya G.V.T.V. PGIA-2012-12 Design Development and Evaluation of a power weeder for Row-planted paddy Dr.D.N. Jayatissa

31 Ms.Weerasekara M.K. PGIA-2012-304 Determinants of entrepreneurial intention among undergraduates in Sri Lanka Dr.M.W.A.P Jayathilaka.

32 Mr.Dayananda T.M.K.W. PGIA-2012-338 Purchasing intention and consumer behaviour towards The domestic rooftop solar photovoltaic installation Prof.D.V.P. Prasada
Dr.Sarath S. Kodithuwakku

35 Mr.Herath H.M.R.P.B. PGIA-2012-325 Factors influencing an individuals behavioral intention to adopt an online utility bill payment systems Dr.S. Kumar

38 Ms.Ruwanpitiya C.P. PGIA-2012-336 Economic and Social impact of the agriculture cyber extension unit Prof.H.L.J. Weerahewa

40 Ms.Mahawatta S.M. PGIA-2012-302 Critical HRM key result areas for effective knowledge sharing in an organization:An empirical study Mr.N. Agilan

41 Mr.Wijesekara R.R.P. PGIA-2012-340 An assessment of service quality in the banking sector as perceived by customers and service providers Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

42 Mr.Abeysekara B.A.S.P. PGIA-2012-326 Impact of entrepreneurial orientation to the business performance of small and medium sized information and communications technology enterprises in Sri Lanka

43 Mr.Herath H.M.R.K. PGIA-2012-332 Identification of extrinsie factors influencing job turn over of blue collar workers in the Sri Lankan apparel industry Dr.S. Kumar

46 Mr.Niroshan S.R. PGIA-2012-346 The factors influencing customer retention in commercial banks in Kurunagala town Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne
Dr.Sarath S. Kodithuwakku

47 Ms.Manodara D.K. PGIA-2012-305 Effects of online versus offline career exploration methods in management students confidence regarding career outcomes

51 Ms.Adikari A.M.N.T. PGIA-2012-194 Improving the nutrient intake of pregnant woman and their new born child a view to assess the improvement in the nutritional status Prof.R. Sivakanesan

52 Mr.Senanayake R.L. PGIA-2012-342 Integrated nautrient management for sustained tuber production in water Yam (Dioscorea alata) Prof.U.R. Sangakkara

55 Ms.Wijenandana K.K. PGIA-2012-373 Impact of destination attraction on tourists motivation to travel to Sri Lanka Mr.N. Agilan

56 Ms.Rebeira S.P. PGIA-2012-386 Analysis of the diversity of eating and cooking qualities and nutritionally important starch fraction of representative germplasm of rice in Sri Lanka Dr.(Ms.) H.A.M. Wickramasinghe
Dr.(Ms.) D.V. Jayathilake

57 Ms.Prabashani P.L.C. PGIA-2012-392 Determinants of clerical staff performance Dr.S. Kumar

58 Ms.Jayasundara N.C.Y. PGIA-2012-407 Assessment of agronomic feasibility of jatropha under mid country wet zone conditions in Sri Lanka Prof.D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara
Dr.L.W. Galagedara

59 Ms.Perera A.C.S. PGIA-2012-408 Impact of climate variability on water availability and paddy productivity in the "Hakwatuna Oya" irrigation scheme in Sri Lanka Prof.E.R.N. Gunawardena
Dr.B.V.R. Punyawardane

60 Ms.Pelpitiya I.P.S.K. PGIA-2012-409 Impact of Land Use/ Land Cover Changes on Ecosystem and Food Security in Hakwatuna Oya Watershed in Deduru Oya Basin Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa
Dr.L.W. Galagedara

61 Mr.Diyawadana D.M.N. PGIA-2012-414 Impact of climate change and policy environment on rural smallholder farmers in Hakwatuna-oya scheme in Sri Lanka Dr.S. Pathmarajah
Prof.E.R.N. Gunawardena

62 Ms.Gowthamy P. PGIA-2012-413 Characterization and classification of major soils in northern region of Sri Lanka for land use planning and environmental application Prof. R.B.Mapa
Dr.Nalina Gnanavelragah

63 Ms.Senevirathna H.M.S.I. PGIA-2012-412 Tagging genes associated with yellow vein mosaic virus (YVMV) resistance in wild okra species Abelmoschus angulosus Dr.S.K.Wasala
Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath

64 Ms.Nawarathna R.N. PGIA-2012-421 Analysis of the geretic diversity of eating and cooking qualities of representative germplasm of rice in sri lanka Dr.(Ms.) H.A.M. Wickramasinghe

65 Ms.Somaweera K.A.T.N. PGIA-2012-422 Investiyation of plasticity of rice plants under phosporus as potassium and water limited low land-rice systems Prof.L.D.B. Suriyagoda

66 Ms.Attanayake S.R.M.R. PGIA-2012-425 "Molecular and biochemical analysis of Sri Lankan pomegrante (punica granatum L.) at different maturity stages and grown under different environmental conditions" Prof.P.C.K.G. Bandaranayake

67 Ms.Warnasooriya W.M.R.S.K. PGIA-2012-423 Growth performance and Carbon accumulation of KHAYA (Khaya senegalensis) plantation in Anuradhapura and Kurunegala forest divisions of Sri Lanka Prof.T. Sivananthawerl

71 Ms.Jayawadana N.W.I.A. PGIA-2012-428 Association between lifestyle patterns and non-communicable disease risk factors in a cohort of males in the central province of Sri Lanka Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith

72 Ms.Hettiarchchi S.M.J. PGIA-2012-429 Removel of colloids & heavy metals in Landfill leachate using Locally available natural Coagulant:strychnos Potatorum Seed Dr.S.C.S.Kalpage
Prof.Rohan Weerasooriya

73 Ms.Fernando T.T. PGIA-2012-430 Applicability of Remote Sensing and GIS in Real Estate Managment to Develop a land valuation information Systems Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa

74 Ms.Marasinghe J.P. 2014-6 Insecticide resistance of whiteflies and aphids from different geographical locations of Sri Lanka: Underlying mechanisms of resistance, genotype variations and possible controlefforts Prof.S.H.P.P.Karunaratna

76 Ms.Wadugedara E.W.I.M. 2014-204 Influence of age stereotypes on management decision making among university executive officers Dr.R. Yusoof

77 Mr.De Silva P.G.J.C. 2014-344 Analysis of impact of cost efficiency and technical efficiency on broiler value chain Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

78 Mr. Wijesinghe W.M.J.B. 2014-335 An empirical study of consumers" perceived risk on consumption of chicken meat and its effect on intention to purchase: A case study in central province Dr.P.M. Korale Gedara

80 Mr.Siriwardhana S.M.C.P 2014-265 Construction of composite vegetable price index by using modified factor analysis

81 Mr.Herath H.M.G.B. 2014-256 Adoption of good agricultural practices by tea smallholders in Nuwara Eliya district, Sri Lanka Prof.H.L.J. Weerahewa

82 Mr.Pathirana P.S. 2014-247 Estimation of Carbon stock of Knuckles Conservation area using Optical Remote Sensing Data Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa

83 Mr.Bulumulla P.M.U.S.B. 2014-218 Nature of Conflicts between workers and managers in semi-skilled manufacturing sector Dr.S. Kumar

84 Mr.Perera W.P.N.N. 2014-35 Investigation of the suitability of micro propagated Dracaena sanderiyana planting material for commercial cultivation Prof.(Ms.) A.J. Mohotti

85 Mr.Ihshan M.A.M 2014-452 Effect of endocrine disrupting fungicide "Mancozeb" (Zinc and manganese salt of ethylene -bis-dithiocarbamate) on endometrial receptivity and embryo implantation. Dr.S.P. Kodithuwakku

88 Ms.Weerasinghe W.D.P. 2014-4 Improvement of LD 99-12-38 High Yielding rice line for Bacterial leaf blight resistance through backcross breeding and validation by molecular markers. Dr.(Ms.) D.V. Jayathilake
Dr.K.S. Udawela

89 Mr.Meegoda M.M.S.P.K. 2014-421 Perspectives and Challenges for sustainable production of protected cultivation to fulfill export vegetable demand Dr.(Ms) D. Hemachandra

90 Ms.Bandara M.M.K. 2014-104 Study of the genetic background and related gene expression of drought tolerance in selected Sri Lankan traditional rice varieties
Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath

91 Mr.Munasinghe S.T. 2014-2 A Systematic evaluation of fertility and productivity of maize growing soil in the dry zone of Sri Lanka amended using rice husk and corn cob biochar Prof.R.S. Dharmakeerthi
Dr.P. Weerasinghe

92 Ms.Wekumbura W.G.C. 2014-458 Impact of soil fertility improvement strategies on annual crop cultivation in mid country homegarden systems in Aluthgama village, Nawalapitiya, Sri Lanka. Prof.U.R. Sangakkara
Prof.(Ms.) A.J. Mohotti

93 Mr.Rajeevan R. 2014-178 Effect of introducing Macrobrachium rosenbergii (Giant freshwater prawn) to perennial reservoirs in Northern Province, Sri Lanka Prof.A.R.S.B Athauda
Prof.Udeni Edirisinghe

94 Mr.Jayathilaka W.G.N. 2014-291 Improving Job satisfaction of nursing professionals through efficient information management Dr.Kamalanath Samarakoon

95 Mr.Subasinghe S.A.T.C. 2014-370 Factors effecting the choice of finance company for a finance lease Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

96 Ms.Herath E.M. 2014-290 Investigating the effect of poultry manure application on antibiotic resistance of bacteria in intensively cultivated soils Prof.(Ms.) W.S. Dandeniya

97 Ms.Nawarathna P.H.G.T.D. 2014-306 The relationship between perceived organizational politics and job performance of teachers in government national schools in Matale district Dr.S. Kumar

99 Ms.Jayasinghe J.M.R.T. 2014-415 Succession in family business Dr.M.W.A.P Jayathilaka.

100 Mr.Kumara G.M.P. 2014-433 Identification and assesment of technical and Socio-Economic aspect in cultivating other field crops (OFC) in Bayawa minor Irrigation System Prof.M.I.M.Mowjood
Dr.L.W. Galagedara

101 Mr.Jayathilake W.M.S.H.B 2014-286 dddddddd Mr.T. Sayandhan
Dr.S. Kumar

102 Mr.Sobana Thinesh T. 2014-351 The relationship between strategic planning and business performance: A study of manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises in Batticalao District Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

104 Ms.Jayathilaka D.S.M.I.T 2014-309 Effect of elements in supply chain to satisfy customers Dr.(Ms) D. Hemachandra

105 Ms.Rajany Y. 2014-352 Study on the determinants of loan repayment of micro credit borrowers Dr.(Ms) D. Hemachandra

107 Ms.Gunasekara A.D.S. 2014-165 Analysis of employ ability of diploma holders in technical education and vocational training sector in Sri Lanka Dr.H.V.A. Wickramasuriya

108 Mr.Upendra M.I. 2014-241 Factors affecting yield and quality of tobacco crop-develop a tool to assist managerial decision making Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

109 Ms.Kappagoda K.G.M.N.K.K. 2014-416 The impact of internal audit on public sector organizations Dr.M.V. Senanayake

111 Mr.Wijekoon W.M.D.K.B. 2014-349 A study on existing recourse planning practices in construction industry of Sri Lanka Dr.Parakrama Weligamage

112 Ms.Jayasiri M.M.J.G.C.N. 2014-41 Assessment of environmental flow requirement in downstream of Daduru Oya reservoir for sustainability of the ecosystem Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa

113 Ms.Kuruppu M. 2014-345 Management of root disease of jak trees (Artocarpus heterophyllus) through integrated approach Prof.D.M. De Costa
Dr.T.H.P.S. Fernando

114 Ms.Jayamanne J.M.D.D.E. 2014-341 Evaluation of Growth, development and yield parameters of selected commercial varieties of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) in contrasting agro- ecological regions of Sri Lanka Prof.N.A.A.S.P.Nissanka
Dr.H. Fonseka

116 Mr.Chamara H.K.B.S. PGIA-2012-431 Improved weed management and crop establishment methods for rice genotypes capable of germinating under anaerobic conditions in direct-seeded rice production systems Prof.P.W.M.B.B. Marambe
Dr.Virender Kumar

117 Mr.Fawaz N.M. 2014-310 Factors influencing the mobile telecommunication industry revenue of urban and rural youth in Sri Lanka Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

118 Mr.Bandara K.K.G.J. 2014-323 A study of factors contributing to the success of businesses in selected ecotourism sites Dr.Parakrama Weligamage

119 Mr.Ratnayake U.A.J. 2014-5 Management of climate, soil related problems of acid sulphate soil in paddy ecosystem of the lower stream of the Nilwala river basin Prof.W.A.U. Vitharana

120 Mr.Thanthirige C.S. 2014-414 Retention and productivity of sewing machine operators: Case of a leading apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka Dr.S. Kumar

121 Ms.Senanayake R.M.N.H. 2014-282 Phenotypic and genotypic evaluation of selected recommended rice varieties for salinity tolerance Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath

122 Ms.Kaluarachchi C.P.S. 2014-391 Influence of herzberg s hygine factors on leading voluntary job turnover decision path selection: A study on fresh engineering graduates of university of Peradeniya Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

123 Mr.Kannangara K.N. 2014-9 Inter-specific hybridization between Capsicum annuum L. and other Capsicum spp. (Capsicum chinense Jacq. and Capsicum frutescens L.) for introgression of virus resistance Prof.I.P.Wickramasinghe
Prof.D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara

124 Mr.Balasuriya B.M.S. 2014-297 Analysis of service quality: A case of Ceylon Electricity Board, Badulla Dr.Sarath S. Kodithuwakku

126 Mr.Ekanayake. E.W.M.C.B 2014-287 How technology and adaptation of ergonomic techniques impacts on labor productivity in the apparel industry in Sri Lanka Mr.N. Agilan

127 Ms.bulathkandage M 2014-381 Study on improving fruit set, postharvest life, development of harvesting indices and evaluation of bioactivity of selected accessions of Annona Muricate L. grown in Sri Lanka Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith
Prof.(Ms.) J.P. Eeswara

128 Ms.Uduwella U K S M 2014-179 Impact of glass ceiling factors on women career development in non state banking sector Dr.M.W.A.P Jayathilaka.

129 Mr.Riham M.R.M 2014-177 Factors affecting the academic achievement of management undergraduates (with special reference to non state higher educational institutes) Dr.S. Kumar

130 Mr.Peiris M.W.U.C 2014-373 Factors affecting the sluggish growth in mutual funds in Sri Lanka Dr.M.V. Senanayake

131 Ms.Karunanayake I 2014-197 Job satisfaction in banking: A comparative study of private and public sector banks Dr.S. Kumar

132 Ms.Geethanjalie K.A.K 2014-285 Practices to reduce the vacuum leaks of processed animal products Dr.P.M. Korale Gedara

133 Ms.Chanchala. K.M.G. 2014-401 The plant vector relationship between sugarcane plant and vector of sugarcane white leaf disease (WLD), Deltocephalus menoni (HEMIPTERA: CICADELLIDAE) to identify criteria for varietal evaluation Prof.K.S. Hemachandra

134 Ms.Saumyarathna N.G.R. 2014-431 Water access, allocation, productivity and conflicts in Hakwatuna oya sub watershed in Deduru oya basin Prof.E.R.N. Gunawardena
Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa

135 Ms.Jeyaseelan T.C. 2014-422 Molecular characterization of begomoviruses infecting okra varieties grown in different location in Sri Lanka and development of effective and eco-friendly approaches for its management Prof.D.M. De Costa
Dr.B.M.V.S. Basnayaka

136 Ms.Kirinde G.W.R.W.M.R.M.W.K. 2014-430 Investigation on relationship between water regime and ecosystem in paddy cultivation; A case study in Bayawa minor irrigation systems in Deduruoya river basin Prof.M.I.M.Mowjood
Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa

137 Mr.Amunugama R.W.M.K.G.D.N. 2014-428 Factors affecting the business success of SMEs in poultry industry: The case of Kandy district, Sri Lanka Dr.Parakrama Weligamage

138 Mr.Piyasundara J.H.N. 2014-454 Study on flowering and fruiting phenology, and floral biology of the parental cultivars of Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) seed gardens in Sri Lanka Prof.I.P.Wickramasinghe
Dr.M.A. Wijerathne

Dr.S.A.C.N. Perera
141 Ms.Amarasena P.G.D.S. 2014-446 A comparative polyphasic study on variations of morphological, molecular, reproductive fitness and pathogenicity of Pratylenchus loosi populations owing to changing soil temperatures in tea plantations of Sri Lanka Dr.K. Mohotti
Prof.D.M. De Costa

144 Mr.Weerasinhe H.A.S. 2014-467 Development of fertiliser recommendation for major sugarcane growing alfisols in Sevanagala, Sri Lanka with reference to soil phosphorus and potassium availability Prof.A.N. Jayakody
Dr.L.G. Gunarathna

146 Mr.Ranaweera K.K.T.N. 2015-265 Effect of dietary supplementation on production performance of lactating dairy cows fed with total mixed rations (TMRs) Mr.M.P.B. Mahipala
Dr.W.M.P.B. Weerasinghe

147 Ms.Kulasinghe W.M.A.A. 2015-48 Evaluation and Comparison of the nutritional composition of selected traditional cereals, pulses and yams grown in Sri Lanka Prof.(Ms.) K.M.S. Wimalasiri
Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith

152 Mr.Rajendran M. 2015-65 Application of hydrological models to determine strategies for water allocation to different users: A study from Hakwatuna oya irrigation scheme in Sri Lanka Prof.E.R.N. Gunawardena
Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa

153 Ms.Abhayagunasekara A.V.C. 2014-470 Assessing the genetic diversity, drought resistance and Brown plant hopper (BPH) resistance of endemic wild rice species Oryza rhizomatis Vaughan Dr.P.G.C. Bandaranayake

154 Ms.Illangakoon I.W.M.I.W.T.K. 2014-468 Exploiting anaerobic germination tolerance of rice (oryza sativa L.) as an option for suppressing weeds and enhancing growth and yield of direct seeded rice Prof.P.W.M.B.B. Marambe
Dr.R.S.K. Keerthisena

155 Ms.Kekulandara D.S. 2014-465 Evaluation of selected Sri Lankan rice varieties for phosphorus (P) uptake and use efficiency, identification of the presence of PUP1 QTL and development of P deficiency tolerant rice varieties through DNA marker assisted selection Prof.L.D.B. Suriyagoda

156 Ms.Dissanayaka D.M.B.G.A.I.K. 2015-148 Evaluation of agro-morphological , nutritional, and drought related traits of wild relatives, cultivated types and F1 hybrids of eggplant (solanum melongena L.) of diverse origin Dr.H. Fonseka
Dr.R.M. fonseka

159 Ms.Sarujaa S. 2015-255 Micropropagation and production of agarwood fragrance compounds by plant cell cultures of Gyrinops walla Prof.(Ms.) J.P. Eeswara
Prof.D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara

160 Ms.Wijekoon W.M.S.M. 2015-285 Role of governance and institutional arrangement in strengthening resilience to shocks and stresses to livelihoods in minor irrigation systems Prof.E.R.N. Gunawardena
Dr.MMM Aheeyar

161 Mr.Pradeep G.S. 2015-371 Impact of extension methodologies on the technology adoption level through changing the individual perception level of various management categories of upcountry corporate Tea estates Prof.W.A.D.P. Wanigasundera

162 Mr.Gangurde S.V. 2015-326 Exploring transgenic and hybrid pigeon pea yields under varied soil and climatic conditions

165 Ms.Rajapaksha R.M.H.V. 2015-135 Assessment of Agriculture Sector Performance in Sri Lanka (1980-2015) Prof.D.V.P. Prasada
Dr.Madar Samad

166 Ms.Ashani A. 2015-242 A baseline survey of coral reefs and genetic diversity analysis of selected coral species in Jaffna peninsula and its major island, Sri Lanka Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath
Prof.S. Kuganathan

168 Ms.Samarakoon S.M.L.D. 2015-286 Social and livelihood impacts of Deduru Oya dam construction and water diversion Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa
Prof.E.R.N. Gunawardena

169 Ms.Nadeeshani V.H.H. 2015-54 Evaluation of the Nutritional valua of selected fruits and vegetables grown in Sri Lanka. Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith
Prof.(Ms.) K.M.S. Wimalasiri

170 Ms.Sudarshani R. 2015-330 Application of sustainable livelihood framework for water interventions to improve livelihood status of the paddy farmers in bayawa tank cascade in Sri Lanka Dr.S. Pathmarajah

172 Ms.Koralegedara K.G.I.D. 2015-166 Investigation of the recent changes in paddy cultivation in terms of food quality and ecosystem sustainability Prof.M.I.M.Mowjood
Dr.A.K. Karunarathne

174 Ms.Sarmini N. 2015-193 Effect of palmyrah leaves (Borassus flabellifer) on ensiling characteristics, nutritive value, digestibility and intake of corn (Zea mays) or hybrid sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) silages Prof.S. Premaratne

175 Mr.Rahularaj R. 2015-185 Identification of prevalence, pathogens, and risk factors of sub-clinical mastitis and development of an enzyme based early detection method for sub-clinical mastitis in crossbred cows of Sri Lanka Prof.R.M.C. Deshapriya
Prof.J.K. Vidanarachchi

178 Ms.Ariyawansa B.D.S.K. 2015-44 Development of statistical yield forecasting model based on climatic factors case of sugarcane Prof.N.R. Abeynayake
Prof.T. Sivananthawerl

179 Ms.Priyadarshani T.D.C. 2015-279 Biological control of bean aphid, Aphis craccivora (Koch) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) using locally available predatory coccinellid species (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) through augmentation and release
Mr.H.N.P. Wijayagunasekara

180 Ms.Abeysekara A.B. 2015-365 Combined effect of El-nino southern and indian ocean dipole phenomena on the rainfall regime of Sri Lanka Dr.B.V.R. Punyawardane

181 Mr.Nagalla I.M.A.D. 2015-374 Functional and comparative genomics of grain number, plant height and Heading date 7 (Ghd7) in Sri Lankan rice varieties and its role in conferring abiotic stress tolerance Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath

185 Ms.Nawarathna K.K.K. 2015-389 Developing botanical nitrification inhibitors to improve nitrogen nutrition of selected vegetable crops Prof.(Ms.) W.S. Dandeniya
Prof.R.S. Dharmakeerthi

186 Ms.Herath H.M.A.J. 2015-390 Potential bioactivities of phenolic compounds of cereal legume based diets prepared after submitting to different processing condition Dr.G.A.P. Chandrasekara.
Prof.D.G.N.G. Wijesinghe

187 Ms.Pathmanathan J. 16006 Evaluation of Urban Home Gardeners in the "Nagarayata Uyanwathu" Development Program in Kandy District Dr.H.V.A. Wickramasuriya
Dr.M.W.A.P Jayathilaka.

189 Ms.Kumari W.M.R. 16216 Analysis of genetic diversity and screening for blast disease resistance and moisture stresstolerance of finger milet ( Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.) germplasm to identify genetic resources for varietal improvement for dryland farming in Sri Lanka Prof.D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara
Dr.W.M.W. Weerakoon

192 Ms.Kolongahapitiya K.H.M.A.R. 2015-394 Exploring entrepreneurial marketing in SMEs: A study of the tourism industry Dr.Sarath S. Kodithuwakku
Prof.D.V.P. Prasada

193 Mr.Kosgollegedara E.J. 16120 Design, Fabrication, and Performance Evaluation of a rotary drum abrasion peeling machine for Spheroidal fruits and vegetables Prof.D.A.N. Dharmasena
Dr.D.N. Jayatissa

195 Ms.Abeysekara M.G.D. 16127 Essays on the economics of the coconut sector in Sri Lanka Prof.D.V.P. Prasada
Dr.E. Pathiraja

197 Ms.Weerawardena W.M.S. 16062 Design and Implementation of mathematically controlled trough withering to optimize electrical energy consumption in withering of tea leaves Dr.K.S.P. Amaratunga
Dr.W.S. Botheju

198 Ms.Vithana K.V.A.I.K. 16148 Diversity of wax scale species (Ceroplastes spp.) associated with plants and their parasitoids in different climate zones of Sri Lanka Prof.K.S. Hemachandra
Dr.U.G.A.I. Sirisena

200 Mr.Pottawela D.P.W. 16343 Information seeking behavior and usage of ICTs by extension personnel of the sugar sector in Sri Lanka Dr.H.V.A. Wickramasuriya
Dr.Uvasara Dissanayake

201 Mr.Alupotha K.N. 16036 Behavior of the crude oil price and its related factors in world market in relation to different global economic condition Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

204 Ms.Athauda A.D.D.C. 16071 Association between household food security status and overnutrition in early adolescence in Colombo city Prof.D.G.N.G. Wijesinghe
Dr.G.A.P. Chandrasekara.

207 Mr.Premarathne N.M.K.C. 16320 Assessing the economic value of existing climate information by Sri Lankan paddy farmers Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne
Prof.Athula Senaratne

208 Ms.Ranaweera P.H. 16332 Development of a diversity and bionomics guided management system for melon fruit flies (diptera:Tephrifidae) in Sri Lanka Prof.L.Nugaliyadda
Prof.K.S. Hemachandra

210 Mr.Nishantha K.M.D.W.P. 16313 Development of a sustainable systems for management of root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp. In tomato In Sri Lanka Dr.M. M. Nugaliyadde

212 Ms.Seneviratne R.A.C.H. 16167 Development of a Rice Fortification Technique Using Vacuum Assisted Rapid Diffusion for Low Cost Encapsulation of Fe and Zn Prof.R.P.N.P. Rajapaksha
Prof.D.A.N. Dharmasena

215 Mr.Dharmasena N.B.Y.K. 16344 Analysis of investment choices and the profitability of private sector commercial banks Prof.D.V.P. Prasada

217 Ms.Erabadupitiya H.R.U.T. 16292 Identification of growth stage specific nitrogen and potassium ranges for tomato grown in soilless culture under greenhouse conditions Prof.W.A.P. Weerakkody
Prof.K.A. Nandasena

221 Mr.Kaushan M.U. 16342 The impact of training programs for the employee retention in government insurance companies, with special reference to Sri Lanka insurance corporation Ltd Dr.K.L. Chandratileke
Dr.Sarath S. Kodithuwakku

222 Ms.Deshabandu K.H.S.T. 16402 Characterization of physiological and morphological traits yield performance and their interrelationship in chilli accessions under drought stress Prof.W.A.J.M.De.Costa
Dr.W.M.W. Weerakoon

223 Ms.Prince E.D.J. 16328 Monitoring floating aquatic plants and algae distribution and assessment of biomass in Batticaloa lagoon using remote sensing and GIS Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa
Prof.R.P. De Silva

224 Mr.Jayasinghe W.H. 16350 DNA barcoding to complement morphological identification of mosquito species in Sri Lanka Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath
Prof.K.S. Hemachandra

226 Mr.De Silva S.T.S. 16381 An approaching tool for development initiatives Prof.R.P. De Silva
Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa

227 Ms.Hettiarachchi K.R. 16401 Applicability of clay brick and laterite brick as environmental friendly and effective adsorbents to treat cadmium (II) and lead (II) in aqueous solution Prof.M.I.M.Mowjood
Dr.Shiromi Dissanayake

229 Ms.Kumari H.M.P.S. 17001 Development of rust resistant bean lines by incooperating resistant genes form locally available and introduced germplasm Prof.P.C.K.G. Bandaranayake
Dr.Cholani Weebedda

230 Mr.Perera N.A.R.J. 17212 Energy efficiency analysis of irrigated wetland paddy production in Ampara district (Eastern province of Sri Lanka) Dr.A.K. Karunarathne
Prof.B.F.A. Basnayake

246 Mr.Dissanayaka S.P. 17052 Agricultural sustainability and technical efficiency in ensuring household food security in small scale paddy cattle integrated farming systems in Anuradhapura district Sri Lanka Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne
Prof.T. Sivananthawerl

250 Ms.Mathivathani S. 17123 Novel approach to improve the omega 6: Omega 3 fatty acid ratio in egg and broiler chicken meat Dr.S.M.C. Himali
Prof.J.K. Vidanarachchi

252 Mr.Sandaruwan K.P.G.L. 17128 The impact of non tariff measures on seafood exports from Sri Lanka Prof.H.L.J. Weerahewa
Dr.Senal Weerasooriya

254 Ms.Upekshani H.A.N. 17198 Assessing soil quality in two contrasting vegetable growing systems in Sri Lanka and effectiveness ofpoultry litter biochar for soil quality improvements Prof.R.S. Dharmakeerthi
Dr.P. Weerasinghe

255 Ms.Fernando W.M.D.R. 17189 Three way analysis methods to detect panel disconsensus in tea sensory evaluation Prof.S.Samita
Dr.T.U.S. Peiris

256 Ms.Amarathunge S.M. 17265 Botanical and economic analysis of selected Salacia species in lowland wet zone in Sri Lanka Prof.D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara
Prof.L.H.P. Gunaratne

257 Ms.Maathumai S. 17291 Development of meat tenderiser using Bryophyllum pinnatum Leaf Extract and its comparison with commercially available meat tenderiser papain and bromelain Mr.P.C. Arampath
Prof.R. Kapilan

258 Mr.P.J.N. Warnasekara Y. 18102 SARIMA and ARDL models for predicting Leptospirosis in Anuradhapura district Sri Lanka Prof.N.R. Abeynayake
Prof.S. Samitha

259 Ms.Wickramapathirana H.A.G.H.D. 17323 A study of entrepreneurial processes adopted by micro women business operators across different ethnicities in different residential sectors Dr.Sarath S. Kodithuwakku
Dr.S. Kumar

260 Ms.Amarawansa R.P.U.I. 17274 Development of a cyanobacteria based inoculant to formulate biofertilizer for paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka Dr.(Ms.) B.L.W.K Balasooriya
Prof.(Ms.) W.S. Dandeniya

262 Dr.(Ms)Senaratne U.T.N. 17304 Climate based time series model for the prediction of Dengue incidence in Sri Lanka Prof.N.R. Abeynayake
Prof.Faseeha Noordeen

263 Ms.Thiviya P. 17320 Single cell protein production from local fruit wastes Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith
Prof.R. Kapilan

264 Ms.Bernard D. 17294 Characterizing the probiotic properties of microorganisms isolated in idli batter and their effects on batter during fermentaion Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith
Dr.J. Nimalan

265 Ms.De Silva D.W.L.U. 17314 Selection of the best fitted model to determine the fish trade performance of Sri Lanka Prof.N.R. Abeynayake
Prof.L.F.D.Z. Gunathilaka

267 Ms.Wickramaarachchi W.W.U.I. 17295 Modelling trends, shifts and fitting probability distributions to monthly rainfall of Eastern & North Western Provinces in Sri Lanka Prof.S.Samita
Dr.T.U.S. Peiris

269 Ms.Dissanayake D.M.L.N.K. 17310 Molecular characterization of Sri Lankan rice germplasm for Xa21 and Xa13 genes conferring resistance against bacterial leaf blight Dr.(Ms.) D.V. Jayathilake
Dr.H.M.V.G. Herath

271 Ms.Dilhani E.V.D. 17316 How strong is the linkage between tourism and economic growth in Sri Lanka: Evidence from 1971-2020 Prof.N.R. Abeynayake

272 Ms.Weerasinghe P.R. 18020 Molecular and morphological investigation on the occurrence of weak palms in tall coconuts ( cocos nucifera L.) in Sri Lanka Dr.S.A.C.N. Perera
Dr.H.D.M.A.C. Dissanayake

273 Mr.Ranaweera K.G.K. 18001 Development of economically viable rapid in vitro plant production programme for new cultivars of tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) Dr.Mahasen Ranatunga
Prof.(Ms.) J.P. Eeswara

278 Mr.Ratnayake R. M.G.H.N. 18253 A study of factors influencing the behavioural intention of using mobile banking Dr.Sarath S. Kodithuwakku

283 Ms.Karunarathna H.G.M.K. 18057 Multiplication of Madhuca longifolia (MME) and Manikara hexandra (PALU), By Plant Tissue Culture Methods Prof.(Ms.) J.P. Eeswara
Prof.M.C.M. Iqbal

285 Ms.Kodikara A.G.K.S. 18235 Baseline concentrations, solubility and spatial variability of potential toxic trace elements in, soils in Up and Mid Country wet zone in Sri Lanka Dr.A.M.C.P.K. Attanayake
Prof.W.A.U. Vitharana

286 Ms.Tharangani H.D.A. 18393-PDN Determination of possible succession during pathogenesis and molecular identification of the causal organism/s of cinnamon rough bark disease (RBD) Prof.D.M. De Costa
Dr.G.G. Jayasinghe

288 Ms.Hemachandra E.M.G.P. 18179 Sustainability of Horivila Palugaswewa cascade system: An index based assessment Prof.N.D.K. Dayawansa
Prof.R.P. De Silva

291 Ms.Kaushalya D.B.R. 18377-PDN Establishment of liquid culture system to enhance growth and secondary metabolites synthesis of Gyrinops walla Prof.(Ms.) J.P. Eeswara
Prof.Lalith Jayasinghe

293 Mr.Mohammathu M.M.M. 18012 Assessing the market power of rice milling industry in Sri Lanka An application of neio approach Prof.H.L.J. Weerahewa
Dr.Senal Weerasooriya

296 Ms.Kowshayini P. 18267 Assessment of the status of ecological components and spatial soil loss of the Palugaswewa tank cascade System Dr.S. Pathmarajah
Dr.H.B. Nayakakorala

297 Mr.Bandusekara B.S. 18310 Morphological molecular and biochemical profiling and antimicrobial activity of Cinnamomum species in Sri Lanka Prof.P.C.K.G. Bandaranayake

299 Ms.Hettiarachchi H.A.S.N. 18326 Assessment of the impact of diamond back mouth management strategies in integrated programme on cabbage in Up country of Sri Lanka Prof.K.S. Hemachandra
Dr.U.G.A.I. Sirisena

300 Ms.Fernando B.H.R. 18245 Development of an integrated guideline for micro irrigation for coconut plantation of Sri Lanka Prof.M.I.M.Mowjood
Dr.S. Pathmarajah

301 Ms.Dilini M.M.G.S. 18237 Effectiveness of climate change adaptation strategies in dry zone farming systems (A comparative study in Horiwila-Palugaswewa and sivalakulama cascades Prof.E.R.N. Gunawardena
Dr.S. Pathmarajah

309 Mr.Wijesundara W.M.C.S. 18340 Species replacement of white-eyes (Passeriformes:Zosteropidae) along an altitudinal gradient Prof.G.L.L.P. Silva
Dr.S. Yatigammana

312 Ms.Fernando A.J. 18379-PDN Optimization of heat pump drying by real-time control of air flow through cascade evaporators and parallel flow condensers Dr.K.S.P. Amaratunga
Prof.D.A.N. Dharmasena

313 Mr.Mahindapala K.G.J.P. 18410-PDN Enigma of collective action of tea smallholders organizations: Key factors contributing to the efficacy of tea smallholding development societies in Sri Lanka Dr.M.W.A.P Jayathilaka.
Dr.L.N.A.C. Jayawardena

314 Ms.De Mel M.P.M. 18400-PDN Gender Evaluation of ICT Initiatives in Agriculture Dr.W. Jayathilake
Dr.Uvasara Dissanayake

315 Ms.Sahibzada S. 18371-PDN Processed Food Trade in South Asia: An analysis of patterns, potential and barriers Prof.H.L.J. Weerahewa
Dr.(Ms) D. Hemachandra

318 Ms.Sanjeewani H.K.N. 18399-PDN Variation of standing biomass, vegetation structure and species diversity in Sri Lankan tropical rainforests along an altitudinal gradients Prof.W.A.J.M.De.Costa
Dr.Sampath Wahala

322 Ms.Madavi W.M.D. 19149-PDN Understanding the system productivity during the transition period from conventional to organic nutrient management systems under diverse rice based crop rotations in the dry zone (DL1B) of SriLanka Dr.Chaminda Egodawatta

323 Mr.Sanjeewa T.A.B.D. 19001-PDN In-field weed dynamics of Paddy (Oryza sativa L.) in North Central Province in relation to Herbicide Use Prof.P.W.M.B.B. Marambe
Prof.L.D.B. Suriyagoda

332 Ms.Gunarathne K.M.R.U. 19059-PDN Bioactivity studies and prebiotic characteristics of coconut testa flour of selected Sri Lankan coconut cultivers Dr.J.M.N. Marikkar
Prof.(Ms.) B.E.P. Mendis

333 Ms.Senevirathne N.S.L. 19002-PDN Benefit Evaluation of Living Boundary Fences in Sri Lanka: Current Staturs and Prospects for Sustainability Dr.Parakrama Weligamage
Dr.R.H.G Ranil

349 Mr.Lowe W.A.M. 19330-PDN Comparative analysis of climate resilient biodiversity and resilience indicators of homegarden ecosystems in different agro ecological regions of Sri Lanka Prof.D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara
Prof.G.L.L.P. Silva

350 Ms.Ranasinghe R.D.A.K. 19325-PDN Climate change adaptation and adaptive capacities of dairy farmers in dry zone cascade systems in Sri Lanka; A case study in Siwalakulama and Thirappane cascade systems Dr.P.M. Korale Gedara
Dr.S.A. Weerasooriya

351 Ms.Dayananda M.D.T. 19343-PDN Resource use efficiency and environmental sustainability in dry zone of Sri Lanka: An Assessment using a Bio-Economic model in Mahakanumulla village tank cascade systems Prof.H.L.J. Weerahewa
Dr.Senal Weerasooriya

353 Ms.Sobini N. 19411-CMB Development and characterization of active biodegradable packaging film from Palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L.) tuber starch Mr.P.C. Arampath
Dr.B. Anuluxshy

391 Mr.Chanaka R.N 19490-CMB Maternal dietary diversity during pregnancy and Prof.K.D.R. Silva
Dr.Ananda. Chandrasekara

412 Mr.Marasinghe B.S. 22328-PDN Potential etiological factors governing spatial patterns of the prevalence of chronic kidney disease of uncertain aetiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka Prof.W.A.U. Vitharana
Prof.R. Chandrajith

420 Ms.Wijesinghe W.A.D.S.K. 18404-CMB Analysis of waiting time for the first employment of the graduates from art and commerce streams in Sri Lanka: Parametric and semi parametric survival approaches Prof.S. Samitha