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Marks of the Aptitude Test held on 25/10/2014

The Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA), University of Peradeniya was established in 1975 with the main objective of developing in-country capacity for postgraduate education in agriculture and to provide appropriately trained scientific personnel for a rapidly expanding agricultural sector of the country.

Over the past three decades it has achieved substantial progress and has emerged as a “Centre of Excellence” in higher education in agricultural sciences in the country.

Calling Applications for the posts of Coordinator and Senior Assistant Librarian
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An Immediate MPhil Studentship (full time)
Time Tables for the Academic year 2013/14(Second Semester) - For All BOS

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An Immediate MPhil Studentship (full time)
Applications open for Admission - 2015
Time Tables for the Academic year 2013/2014(First Semester) - For All BOS

  Contact details of the Board of Management Members   Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture,
  Calender of Dates for the Meetings of Board of Management -2014   University of Peradeniya
  Contact details of Coordinating Committee Members   P.O Box 55, Peradeniya, 20400
  Coordinating Committee Meeting - 2014   Sri Lanka.
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    Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture,     University of Peradeniya     P.O Box 55, Peradeniya, 20400       Sri Lanka.                                      


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